Network Mast installed at Brodi , Hon.RAMZY Fixing Network Challenges in Tain

Installation of Network Mast has been completed in Tain District -Brodi by the lobbing skills of MP for Tain -Hon.RAMZY ADAMA SULEMANA.

After HON.RAMZY asked questions about challenged of network in the constituency as the attacked audio indicates, he followed up to the MNOs for the two communities to be enrolled into their plan

Network communication has been a major predicament for Brodi and it’s surroundings .

Geographically the location of Brodi during the initial installation of network poles didn’t allow them to have network pole due to some reasons from the network providers

Hon.RAMZY ADAMA SULEMANA, MP FOR TAIN made imminent arrangements by lobbing to the appropriate quarters to come to the people of Tain Aid to construct network mast . The network operators sent monitoring team to evaluate the community and Brodi was selected among communities deprived of accessible network in Tain . However, this network operators have their topology and requirements for approval of this project .

MP for Tain, HON.RAMZY ADAMA SULEMANA in collaboration with this network operators made arrangements with authorities to allocate plot of land for the initiation of the project . This network mast installation project took place only at three communities in Ghana . Prior to this , civilians in Tain has expressed their happiness and delightfulness in Hon.RAMZY for lobbing such a milestone project due to the few masts MTN decided to install for the Year . Just 3 in number and Tain had 2 .

The network coverage in Brodi and its community will gain its speed and Widen coverage due to this mast .

However, a lot of network masts installation are ongoing in tain by the help of Hon.RAMZY which are different from this due to source of funding and companies

Hon.RAMZY assured the people of Tain to be clam and keep on believing in him to deliver on his efforts to rescue time from the past misfortunes.

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